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Part Achievements

Over the development of more than twenty years, the company has always been customer-centric and carried out its businesses with this premise at home and abroad. It is the major supplier to the government procurement, one of the supplier members of State Grid Corporation, qualified supplier to the 6 major power plants (China Guodian Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huaneng Group, State Power Investment Corporation, Shenhua Group). The company has been working with thousands of enterprises including some 500 top companies like ABB, Siemens, Foxconn and has become their strategic partner. In terms of international business, the company adheres to The Belt and Road strategy, takes opportunities to expand the overseas market and takes advantage of itself and follows an innovation development mode. Presently the company has set up regular business with many countries like Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Jordan, Angola, Armenia, Zambia, Russia, Germany while its projects with Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Ghana are under positive negotiation.

1. China Guodian Corporation (CGC): logo + picture

1.1 CGC Hami Dananhu Lake coal-electricity integration 2*660MW (CGC Longyuan Environmental Co., Ltd (Beijing))

1.2 CGC Langfang Mizushima EPC

1.3 CGC Langfang thermo-electric plant condensate

1.4 CGC Longhua Jilin thermo-electric plant

1.5 CGC Longyuan (Tongling)

1.6 CGC Changyuan (Hanchuan)

2. China Datang Corportion

2.1 Distribution box procurement project of Datang Binchang Power Generation Co., Ltd.

2.2 Distribution box procurement project of Datang Anyang Power Generation Plant.

2.3 voltage 380V reconstruction project of combined transformer distribution system in Datang International power plant in Zhangjiakou

2.4 Flue gas super low emission (desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal) project of coal-fired unit no.3 of Tianjin Datang International Panshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.

2.5 Datang Hubei Yicheng Longwangshan wind power

2.6 Datang Ji'nanChangqing wind power project

2.7 Datang Kelan Dayangpo wind power project

3. China Huadian Corporation Ltd.

3.1 Huadian Engineering, the 2nd phase of Huadian Weifang Power Generation Co., Ltd project

3.2 Procurement of 35kV high voltage switchgears for the 2nd phase of Huadian Changyi wind power project

3.3 Huadian Tai’erzhuang

3.4 Huadian Inner Mongolia project

3.5 Zouxian power plant of Huadian Power International Corp Ltd 400V PC switchgears for the 1st phase of coal transportation

3.6 Huadian Longkou power plant project

4. China Huaneng Group

4.1 Huaneng Weihai power plant

5. State Power Investment Corporation (SPI)

5.1 SPI Qixia Runfengyuan high voltage project

5.2 Qinghe PV power generation project of SPI Guorui Logistics

6. Shenhua Group

6.1 wet dust cleaning system of generating units #3 & #4 of Anhui Ma’anshan Wannengda Power Generation Co., Ltd.

7. State-owned enterprises

7.1 Antai Technology Co., Ltd. of China Iron&Steel Research Institute Group

7.2 Institute No. 513 of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)

7.3 China United Cement Corporation (cement projects all over the country)

7.4 Sinoma Technology&Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (the project of a Eurasian cement production line of 1500mt per day in Kazakhstan)

7.5 China Institute of Electronic Information Security Technologies

7.6 Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, China Academy of Sciences

7.7 Qingdao Institute of Oceanology, China Academy of Sciences

7.8 Chinese People's Armed Police Force

7.9 China Aerospace Science&Industry Corporation

8. Top 500 enterprises in the world

Provide high and low voltage distribution equipment for and cooperate in electric power EPC construction with Foxconn on all projects started on the mainland, ie. Zhengzhou, Jincheng, Jiyuan, Wuhan, Kunshan, Taiyuan, Ordos, Huai’an, Yingkou, Yantai, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin.


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