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Electric Power EPC engineering

  In recent years, the company with its strong economy and flexible operation system, has accomplished development goals of large scale operation, win with good quality and multi market diversification. Guided by the macro principles, an electric power EPC division was set up in Sep of 2007, which has been mainly engaged in installation of 110KV transmission lines (including line projects), substations of equal voltages and switching rooms. The electric power EPC division has more than 200 people and can operate 12 projects at the same time with an annual installation capacity of 100 million. Following the construction principle that quality and safety are the most important, the company with its strong economy and complete construction equipment guarantees the quality and safety of the project and construction, and realizes the goals of building quality projects and establishing glorious images. It has completed installation of more than hundred projects.

  independent contract projects:

  Transmission line (including line projects) projects for 110KV and lower voltages, and installation projects of substations and switching rooms of the preceding voltage level; projects of electrical equipment installation to newly-built commercial residence communities; switching room ingoing and outgoing labels laying projects; projects of cable laying, cable bridge installation and line route reconstruction for switching rooms and plants.

  Security system engineering service

  Security enterprises level 3: capable of handling intelligent engineering projects of 6 million yuan and below. The intelligent engineering includes:

1. Computer management system engineering

2. Building equipment automatic control system engineering

3. Security monitoring and burglar alarm system engineering

4. Smart card system engineering

5. Communication system engineering

6. Satellite and community television system engineering

7. Garage management system engineering

8. Generic cabling system engineering

9. Computer network system engineering

10. Broadcasting system engineering

11. Conference system engineering

12. Video on demand (VOD) system engineering

13. Comprehensive property management system engineering of intelligent residence communities

14. Visual conference system engineering

15. Large screen display system engineering

16. Intelligent light and sound control system engineering

17. Fire alarm system engineering

18. Computer room engineering

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