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After Sales Support

Technical services and after-sales service content and commitment

Respected user:

Shandong Nanyang Electric Co., Ltd. will be highly responsible for the spirit and enthusiasm of attitude to treat each customer, In strict accordance with the ISO9001 international standards for the implementation of the entire process of service control, responsible for each of the factory products in the end.

To this end, we make the following commitments:

1.technical services

We will provide the user with all the technical information stipulated in the bidding documents for free, including the design, manufacture and installation specifications and standards, and provide the product use, maintenance, installation instructions, control schematics, a system diagram and so on.

2.After-sales service

My company has a strong technical support and services team of professionals, to provide users with a variety of technical services to help users correct choice and use of products, in time for the user to rule out the use of the process of failure. Now Beijing, Qingdao, Jiaozhou, Jinan, Weihai and other places with more than one branch, a number of offices. At the same time, we continuously improve and improve the quality of our design, manufacturing and service through the extensive collection of various questions, opinions and suggestions in after-sales service so as to provide users with high-quality products and perfect services.

1. equipment free commissioning to equipment operation.

2. My company specially formulated for this project regular visit system, the operation of the equipment once a month to visit.

3. During the warranty period, we provide free warranty or replacement for equipment (except damage caused by man-made fault); the replacement cost after the warranty period will be charged at cost, excluding other expenses.

4. the device fails or receive user feedback, we immediately respond to the maintenance personnel with maintenance experience within 12 hours to provide on-site service, until the troubleshooting so far, in case of special circumstances need to replace the components, regardless of cost, first guarantee Equipment operation, and then identify the situation.

5. the goods we provide in the acceptance of the warranty period, the goods in the system design, manufacturing and other technical problems and quality problems that affect the normal operation of failure, and the tender can not handle the main problems, we are free to provide after sales Service, timely solution to the problems in the goods.

6. Under warranty,In accordance with national standards and industry standards after the implementation of "Three Guarantees."

7. We provide free training and maintenance for our users(At least two people).

8. we free for the demand side to implement a full range of equipment maintenance services. And sent a professional maintenance staff on-site 24-hour tracking service.

9. Equipment maintenance cycle does not exceed 30 days.

10. our monthly submitted to the demand side equipment maintenance report.

11. Before the expiration of the equipment warranty period, we conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance for the equipment free of charge. Any defect shall be repaired by us. After the repair, we will make the cause of the defect, the contents of repair, the time and date of completion of the repair and restoration, etc. Report to the purchaser.

12. Provide the necessary spare parts and wearing parts when the equipment is delivered, and provide spare parts and wearing parts necessary for maintaining normal operation at preferential prices within three years after expiration of the warranty.

13. Our company attaches great importance to the product pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, the establishment of a service department, with 24-hour hotline service calls and special vehicles, full-time engineers accept calls from users throughout the city to ensure that users receive the user The phone rushed to the scene within half an hour, the user within six hours to arrive, solve the problem in time.

After-sales service service maintenance engineer:Wang Quanchun After-sales service call:18853578281

14. The establishment of user files, improve product quality:

After-sales service department has formulated a user return visit system, organized engineering and technical personnel to inspect the operation of the products once every six months, fill out the product records, the establishment of user files, once every six months to issue user questionnaire to organize the comments made by users , To improve product quality and service quality to provide the basis.

The above commitment, we will strictly abide by.

Shandong Nanyang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

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