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Company headquarters:

No. 12, Qinhuaihe Road, Yantai Economic&Technological Development Area.

Company Culture

company culture:

Operation Principle:First-class management,first-class brand, first-class reputation

Management Principle:People oriented,robust system,emotional motivation

Believe in the core value:"To meet the users'needs is our everlasting tenet"

With the development and innovation of the electric power industry in China,Nanyang Electric Appliance CO.LTD,possessing 20 years' development history, has cultivated and formed its company spirit of Solidarity,that is "Struggle Hard,Dedication and Innovation",and it will continuously devote itself to creating most value for customers.

Enterprise Development Vision:

1. To develop an integrate mode combining design, manufacture and installation and become an electric power conglomerate well-known around the state.

2. To build and train a team ambitious in thoughts, active in actions and successful in results. To enable the personnel to enjoy Nanyang’s development results and feel dignified and proud of the company. To combine interests of individuals with those of the company.

3. Nanyang of hundred years, brand of the world.

Development plan:

1. Apply to establish an electric power design institute, and develop a one-stop service mode of design + manufacture + installation.

2. Carry out deeper cooperation with Electrical Engineering College of Shandong University and China Electric Power Research Institute, and develop advanced products and technologies in smart grid area and launch them to the market as early as possible; speed up in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences and fully communicate with the three organizations about all projects.

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