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Art Gallery

About Gao Fenghan Art Gallery

Gao Fenghan Art Gallery takes over the responsibilities of propagating contemporary artists, traditional folk virtues and popular arts. It promotes development of the culture with non-profit choicest art.

The gallery is located at the former home of Gao Fenghan, one of Yangzhou’s Eight Eccentric Artists, in South Sanlihe of Jiaozhou, Qingdao. It has 2 exhibition halls, one for famous artists’ works and the other classic collections. The first floor is a hall for artworks of famous current painters and calligraphers; the second floor is a hall for folk virtue art works of Gao Fenghan and other artists and classic collections. It is a platform for the well-known artists and collectors to communicate and cooperate with each other.


Gao Fenghan (1683 - 1749), styled himself as Zhongqi, Xiyuan, Nancun, Nanfu Hermit, born in the South Sanlihe village of Jiaozhou, Shandong in 1683 (the 6th year of emperor Kangxin’s reign), was a maestro and remarkable talent of the mid-17th century, who had great art accomplishments in poetry, calligraphy, painting, stamping, signet, inkslab making and engraving. As an artist he was listed in the famous culture figures of the time together with Wang Yuyang, Pu Songling, Zhang Maojun, Gao Qipei, Wu Jingzi, Jin Nong, Zheng Banqiao, Bian Shoumin, Li Mian, Yuan Mu. Later people regarded him one of the Yangzhou’s Eight Eccentric Artists; scholars of the Qing dynasty honored him by including him into many famous artist groups, ie. Four Fengs in Signet, Ten Philosophic Painters, Five Guangling Gentlemen, Seven Hermit Painters, Five Fengs of Jiaodong, Si Shan Yi Fu. In his later life, his was ill and his right hand could not work anymore. He then changed to use his left hand and created many great works that have been preserved. He has been well known as The Left-hand Eccentric Painter. With his brilliant artistic talents and tortuous life experiences, he became an unparalleled master of art in the middle Qing dynasty.

1. Sanlihe culture relics of a long history. Till now Jiaoxian Sanlihe culture relics have been of a history of 3800 years. It is of good cultural value and is greatly helpful to the research of Longshan culture and Dawenkou culture.


2. Sanlihe raised the great artist Gao Fenghan. A Gao Fenghan Memorial Hall has been built in the Sanlihe village.

3. Civilized Sanlihe of a long history has raised nearly hundred famous painters and calligraphers, eg. artists like Gao Hongtu, Leng Mei, Fa Ruozhen, Gao Fenghan, ect.


Establishing of Gao Fenghan Art Gallery has received great supports and affirmation of Qingdao municipal government and Jiaozhou government. With the culture theme of folk virtue and country civilization, it propagates arts and spreads traditional culture and encourages innovation culture industry, builds culture industry chain and base. Gao Fenghan Memorial Hall and Gao Fenghan Art Gallery drives and propels development of the whole culture industry.


Ariadne’s thread led to the discovery of Sanlihe culture relics which contribute a lot to China’s culture archaeology. Professor Liu of Shandong University noticed traces in a painting of Gao Fenghan, a vase included in which triggered the Sanlihe culture relics discovery.

Development aims of the art gallery is to become a state art gallery of the first class; to develop a culture industry chain and carry out research and development in culture innovation, culture industry establishing, bases, intangible culture heritage concept, and culture innovation trade communication platform and traditional culture education base.

On the base of art, explore heritage, deliver the traditional spirits and propagate the quintessence of Chinese culture. With this philosophy, Gao Fenghan Art Gallery was established to achieve its aims of propagating Gao Fenghan’s art achievements, spreading culture, creating folk culture and folk civilization.

Artworks by Gao Fenghan



to the west of Qingdao Wanli Energy Saving, Jiaozhou Zhegou Industry Park of Qingdao




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